AIKL Bike Tour in East Luxembourg

  • Type of the tour: 2-day ride & camping: (150 KM)
  • Place: Luxembourg City - Echternach- Wasserbillig - Schengen - Luxembourg City
  • Start date: Saturday 25th August 2018 
  • Check-in:  Saturday 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. 
  • Meeting and check in location: Parking University of Luxembourg, Campus Kirchberg (6 Rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, 1359 Luxembourg)
  • End date: Sunday 26th August 2017 
  • Registration dead line: 20th August
  • Activity level: moderate

In the last two years, AIKL Bicycle Adventure group has made for many people the most meaningful experiences of their lives.  They joined us to ride bikes and experience life in nature, and at the end they leave finding themselves the one who truly changed while making new friendships with the life. 

Our events are entertainment, not race. Every single of bike fans are invited, to break from the routine of daily life and spend a special weekend through having nature friendly and amusement cycling. 

This family-friendly two-day weekend ride; taking place on eastern smooth road of Luxembourg is perfect for new and experienced riders to enjoy their passion for cycling, while stunning view of trail takes them through beautiful secluded forests and rural landscapes. It’s gorgeous and always a cyclist’s dream. 

What you’ll experience:

  • Fresh air.
  • Making new friendships
  • Shooting star in the endless sky.
  • Amazing sleep in a camping!
  • Changing the life by helping business to break from the routine of daily life.
  • Laughing ’til it hurts.
  • Living in a supportive community that becomes a family.
  • Eating in nature…and still losing weight!
  • Viewing gorgeous countryside from the seat of a bicycle.
  • Friendly gathering around fire and play music up to midnight
  • Find a language exchange partner

We’ll cover about 80 Kilometer on an average Summer Ride per day. We support each other as we ride, and we also have a van supporting us! We spend each night in fellowship, eating together, and entertainment (playing music, having fun) as friendly as you can imagine.

The whole journey would be 150 Km cycling. We ride up to camping site for the first day and come back the next day to where we begin. Start and end points of the 2-day ride would be the same place, where your car can be waiting for you.

How to join!

To join us and experience an amazing cycling tour, you should simply fill out an online registration form in our website. ( 

You should pay the fee up to 24 hours after your online registration; otherwise your registration would be canceled automatically.

For each rider the cost would be 70 € including: 

  • Registration fee
  • Camping fee
  • Food (Grill, BBQ ) and soft drinking

 Sign up as a support volunteer!

If you like to join but you are not very interested to ride a bike, you are welcome as well. You can join us as volunteer and follow riders by car and help us to fulfill all tasks, especially if you are familiar with first aid kit and fixing bicycles probable faults and play a music instrument. The tour is free for volunteers and our volunteers will make this ride awesome by helping us in following areas: 

  • providing snacks for rest stops
  • providing (or cooking) dinner at the camp site
  • setting up rest stops
  • driving your own car as extra vehicle support
  • taking photos and/or making a short video
  • fixing bicycles fault
  • first aid kit

We’d love to talk with you about all these opportunities in detail. 

Contact us if you’re interested: 

Tel: +352 691191119 

AIKL asbl
IBAN : LU49 0099 7800 0055 2307


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