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About us

The aim of the virtual social networks is to provide the necessary platform for intellectual and moral capitals to be mentioned, insofar as they turned to social capitals in order to bring positive influence and enhancement. A community without media strips this ability and loses its power to influence. Non media society is like a world of oblivion in which intellectual, social and moral capitals are left alone.

Forming a strong, coherent, coordinated, integrated and effective community needs a greater number of responsible people. In the respect of cultural, ideological, economic and scientific careers, there are many differences between people, but these features do not move on the path of harmony. Although there has been in a wide range of variety they have common link such as sensitivity to their civilisation, moral and cultural values and needs which lead them to bond tightly. This movement is the responsibility of elites' and enthusiasts' concern to cultural and social issues, their efficient attendances can lead  media to effective cooperation and coordination.

The Association of Intercultural Kindness in Luxembourg which has been established in order to promote cultural and artistic programs, will keep on reviving  and adapting its cultural, entertaining and international program according to the your generous and friendly support, besides contribution of whom have desire to participate in social activities. Our association acts without any special political, racial or religious consideration. Considering the existence of Schengen zone and supporting the idea of border less world, and following this civil behaviour, this association can be a cultural base for circulating the promotion of love and kindness inter-culturally.  

If you wish to support our services in order to advance the goals of the association and have a large share of public works and charitable activities, please deposit your donation to the following account. Your generous assistance can help us to accomplish the programs and establish a dynamic and influential community.

This association was launched for the sole purpose of promotion kindness and peace between different cultures in Luxembourg, and doesn't follow any of political, religious or special party. Our main goal is to create a suitable platform for purposes listed below. Volunteers and interested people are welcomed to participate and share their ideas.

Main activities and goals: 

• Publishing guide and training booklets

• Translating official forms and applications to the mother tongue of the applicants

• Executing cultural seminars

• Organising ceremonies and cultural festivals of different nations

• Translating documents 

• Executing educational seminars to help cultural integration

• Interpreting for official purposes

• Providing  news, reports, photographs and cultural articles

• Publishing magazines and books

• Executing festivals and cultural competitions

• Special programs for kids and teenagers according to their ambitions

• Supporting cultural activities for women

• Producing and performing theatre and films

• Introducing and learning different languages and culture to each other

• Informing and helping refugees, migrants, students and all newcomers

• Participating in public and charity activities or workshops held throughout the country

• Introducing businesses from different culture to all

• Cooperating with other associations

• Psychology workshops for the promotion love and kindness inter-culturally

It should be emphasised that there is no connection and no fellowship between this website and any organisations or parties.

Association of Intercultural Kindness in Luxembourg

To help us develop our activities (management and organizing, expenditure, volunteers' activities,….) your generous help is welcomed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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